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Wipe Your Paws: Business Entrance Mats Promote Your Company

February 3, 2017 By Joellen Reichenbach 

I was at the Post Office buying stamps the other day. At the service counter, a delivery man was rolling out clean, new interior mats with a welcome message. You’d be surprised at the many types of mats a business might use throughout their facility from entrance mats, logo mats, foot scraper mats, interior mats, anti-fatigue mats to anti-slip mats, anti-static and static dissipative mats.

And each one provides an opportunity for you to deliver a message.

Messaging on Mats

Welcome! Wipe your paws.

Whether you’re a dog training center using an entrance doormat to welcome customers to your facility, eliminate any slip and fall issues – and protect the finish on your floors, or a university proudly displaying your logo on interior mats in front of offices, mats are everywhere within a building.

Each one of those floor coverings allows you to speak to your prospects, your customers, and your employees. What can you communicate? Message types can vary:

  • Welcome to your clients
  • Branding space for your name & logo
  • Warning messages on anti-static mats  
  • Safety hints on anti-fatigue mats for employees
  • Special offers for customers

Using custom floor mats, you can keep your workers and customers safe while delivering one more marketing touchpoint.

 What an Entrance Mat Can Do for Your Business

If you’re wondering what the value is of a custom entrance floor mat might be for your business, consider this. A survey done by Progressive Shopper found that 91% of people chose a business because of its appearance. Think about that for a second – 91% of choice is based on good looks!

Just by having an entrance mat you can:

-          Promote your corporate brand

-          Give a great first impression to customers

-          Keep your floors cleaner and protect the finish

-          Help ensure your clients are safe from slip and falls on snowy or rainy days.

Types of Floor Mats

As I mentioned earlier, there are numerous ways to use floor mats throughout your business. But you may not realize how many different types of mats there are. I thought it might be helpful to give you a list of them as well as a little information to help you decide what would best fit your needs.

Entrance Mats: The most common type of mat, this is not only one of the first things your customer sees but also the first line of defense against mud, rain and snow. Your entrance mat will absorb and store pounds of dirt and water for easy removal. It also provides a slip-resistant surface for customers. 

Foot Scraper Mats: This mat can be used either alone outside your business entrance or in tandem with an entrance mat. The foot scraper mat takes the brunt of the mud, sand and heavy soil and allows the entrance mat to take care of any remaining dirt or moisture. Using a foot scraper mat helps protect your floor’s finish.

Interior Mats: This mat can be used anywhere inside your facility to provide any number of functions. You may want to use them for spot control in kitchen or vending machine areas to catch those coffee spills. Around copy machines is another popular area to use an interior mat to ensure that toner isn’t tracked around the office. High traffic areas also benefit from the protection of a floor mat.

Anti-Fatigue Mats: If your employees are required to stand in one place for long periods of time, you may want to consider providing anti-fatigue mats. These mats allow employee leg muscles to function normally and increase blood flow which reduces fatigue.

Anti-slip Mats: With the average cost of slip & fall injuries topping $12,000 according to Wausau Insurance Company, not to mention lost time and productivity - every business owner wants to ensure safe footing in any slippery area. If your facility has spaces where oil or grease or water create uncertain footing, an anti-slip mat is probably a good choice for you.

Anti-Static and Static Dissipative Mats: Have you ever thought about reducing static electricity around the computers your business relies on? Electro-static discharge can cause computer failure so you may want to consider placing either anti-static mats or static dissipative mats under and around your computer systems – or any sensitive electronics.

Floor mats are easy to clean - either by vacuuming, wiping, washing out, steam cleaning, carpet cleaning or industrial cleaning. As long as you properly maintain your custom mats, you’ll ensure that your investment is long-lasting.