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Copy of Do Your Everyday Office Products Have a Marketing Message

August 6, 2012 By Joellen Reichenbach

How many times have you scrambled to find a piece of paper in your office so you can jot down a quick note before you forget it? You grab your favorite pen and – bang! – instant peace of mind. Have you ever noticed how many office products you use each day? Or how many have marketing messages imprinted?

Look around you  it might be the first time you really notice the calendars, pens, sticky pads, mouse pads, staplers, scissors, paperclip holders, notebooks, clocks, coasters, telephone pads, mugs, and even the screen saver on your computer that pops on and off throughout the day. Do you see all of the silent marketing messages that you’re continually absorbing without realizing it?

The sticky pad you used to jot down that quick note was there another message already printed on it? What does it say? Or how about your favorite pen – do you remember where you picked it up? Which company has their logo and phone number on it? These hidden marketing messages are in plain sight even if you don’t see them consciously each day. When you need the services represented by those companies on your desk, who do you suppose you’ll end up calling?

Promotional products are one way to keep your name in front of your contacts or future customers, and everyday office products are a perfect way to start! Office products give you the opportunity to deliver your message every time a potential customer picks up a pen or a mug, or looks at a calendar.

By the way, if that sticky pad you used earlier doesn’t have your company’s name and contact information on it, just give us a call! At Select Sales, we can help you start an idea board for everyday office products that will help you gain market share on your customer’s desks. Remember, promotional products are more than just a pen or sticky pad, they are your companys message in front of your customers all the time.

Have you used promotional products to keep your message in front of potential customers?