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How To Choose a High Impact Holiday Gift for Clients

December 4, 2016 By Joellen Reichenbach
It’s always surprising to me how hard it is for my clients to choose a holiday gift for their customers. Choosing a promotional product gift that creates a lasting impact can be tricky but sometimes all you need to do is change the way you think about your customer.

Think about how your customers choose to interact with you. Do they like to see you in person? Over lunch? Do they prefer email? Phone? Their preferences may hold the clue to the perfect gift. Which of the five senses do they prefer to engage sight, hearing, touch, smell, taste?

Excite their senses with your holiday gift.

When you choose a promotional product gift that stimulates the senses your customers prefer to use, you’ll end up with a holiday gift that creates the lasting impression you’re seeking. Knowing your audience is the key and appealing to the senses creates a joyful holiday reaction.

Go back to the basics.

Think about this. What was the first gift you received? Maybe it was a box of crayons. I bet you still remember to this day the way the lid flipped open, the smell of the crayons, the bright colors. You probably remember how the crayon felt in your hand as you moved it across the paper creating your first masterpiece the one Mom and Dad praised, then hung on the refrigerator. With one box of crayons you accessed a lifetime of memories and engaged four of the five senses touch, sight, smell, hearing.(Im hoping you dont know the taste of a crayon but at Select Sales we dont judge.)

Here are some ideas that will stimulate at least one of your clients’ five senses in order to create a lasting impression.


A customized picture frame is a good gift for those clients who prefer to see you. When they use it to hold a picture, your frame creates the connection between a special time they want to remember and your service to them.

Other good ideas to engage their vision? Clocks, Awards, Calendars, Sunglasses, Paperweights, Robotic digital alarm clock, Time and temperature items and yes – even Holiday cards.


Never underestimate the power of scents. You probably have experienced a smell that takes you back in time. Well, it turns out that our brains have a section that holds scent memories connected to past experiences. When thinking about your clients, remember that scents can change behaviors  try a lavender hand lotion for relaxation, an aromatic candle in the office can change the way people react to one another, or a travel mug with a packet of fresh ground coffee can really kickstart their day.


The sense of touch affects our entire body. It’s not just the handshake you share with your client. Warmth and softness are two winning feelings you can pass along to your clients with a holiday gift. Try a soft organic cotton blanket or a wool embroidered scarf. Or a beach towel – what better way to remain in front of your customers even when they’re on vacation!

Other good ideas to engage their sense of touch? Warm microfleece blankets, Scarf and hat sets, Clothing


Taste is perhaps the easiest sense to find gifts for (and the most fun). But since it is the easiest gift, keep in mind what happens when the food is gone. What’s left behind with your name on it? How will you stay in front of your clients? If it’s those sweet chocolate covered almonds stuffed inside a penholder, your clients’ taste buds are satisfied and your visual message stays in front of them on their desk for months to come. Dont forget that promotional products which arouse the sense of taste do not always need to be food-oriented there are many beverage items that help you get your message out. Give a water bottle with a diffuser inside so your client can enjoy a fresh taste of raspberry water daily.

Other good ideas to satisfy their taste buds? Chocolate, Jellybeans, Cookies in a custom tin


Sound-related gifts are a great way for clients to de-stress and tune to their personal needs. And who doesnt want to help their clients relax? Most people have lost sight of simple pleasures like hearing the birds sing in the morning or the giggles of a child on the playground. A desk fountain can bring a touch of nature back indoors for your client. Or give them a custom CD with the relaxing sounds of nature to play in the office. Give your clients an escape – just a few minutes gives them a chance to recharge.

The bottom line? Use as many senses as you can to create your message. Select Sales can help you find the holiday products that will engage your clients’ senses and deliver your message with lasting impact.