How to Use & Benefit from Company Stores

Learn why company stores are the perfect solution for online sales and branded merch ? and how Select Sales makes them simple.

Noodling: Brainstorming Bright Ideas for Your Next Promotion

Noodling, or brainstorming, is a way to come up with brilliant ideas for your next promotion. In this noodling blog post, we got the ball rolling for you with some unique and memorable promotional ideas!

Emerging Stronger Together

Recently we've all been presented with unforeseen challenges, but it's important to remember better days are ahead - and in the meantime, we're here for our customers. Here are some important points to think about when preparing your business for reopening.

Promotional Product Tariff Impacts and Solutions

I'm not an economic expert, but as a result of the the latest news here, here and here all of us Americans and American businesses are going to have our wallets impacted for the foreseeable future. Whether the products we buy are from Mexico, Europe or China, we are going to see changes in how much we're paying. No one is absolutely certain what the cost increases on these lengthy lists of the products will really look like, or when current inventories will run out and cost increases will go into effect. But we know that it will happen. And probably sooner than later.

Questions Are Key to Your Promotional Product Projects Success

One of my clients told me something recently. We were working on a new promotion product project with her and she said, "Wow! You ask so many questions. But you know what? I'm glad you do, because every time we use a product from you in our marketing, people just keep on talking about them!" It occurred to me that many clients may not know why I ask so many questions, and I thought you might like to have the inside track on why. So here goes!

How to Create a Successful Brand Image

"I saw a purple pen and thought of you." "I saw a purple sponge in the store and I thought of you." It's always nice to hear that a client thought of you. But it's also an example of successful branding. When they saw your corporate color, they experienced an immediate association with your company and your relationship with them.

What Are Promotional Product Set-up Charges

One question I get asked several times each month is, "Why are there set-up charges?" I thought now might be a good time to explain what is involved in setting up each imprint job on a promotional product, and why there is a charge called a 'set-up fee.' Are you ready to learn something new? Here we go!

The One Piece of Art Your Business Needs

As a business owner, there are some key resources that you need to keep in your tool box as you build your business. We all know that we need a good accountant, attorney and banker. But what most people don't think about is the camera-ready artwork of your company's logo.

When Should You Show Employees Appreciation

If you missed National Employee Appreciation Day on March 3rd, it's not too late to show your employees how much they mean to you and your company. Employee awards can be given all year long.

Fun (& Dirty) Facts about Business Floor Mats

These facts might just be enough to convince you that you really need a floor mat or two!