Fun (& Dirty) Facts about Business Floor Mats

These facts might just be enough to convince you that you really need a floor mat or two!

 Did you know?

-          91% of shoppers choose a store because of appearance.

-          Floors are the top spot customers look for business cleanliness.

-          Estimated costs of removing one pound of dirt from an office building: $500+

-          One square yard of carpet can accumulate one pound of dirt in 1 week (and 2x that in inclement weather).

-          Vacuum cleaners only pick up 10% of dirt from mats.

-          Dirt & dust cause 9 out of 10 computer system failures.

-          1500 people can remove 42% of your floor’s finish.

-          Average cost of a slip-related injury exceeds $12,000 (and more than 30% of worker injuries are slip-related)

Wondering How to Order a Floor Mat?

We get asked a lot of questions about ordering custom entrance mats. One of the most common questions is:

“I only have one entrance to my business. Is it ok if I just order one custom mat?”

The answer is yes, of course!

 You might be surprised to learn that there are many different styles of mats and you can choose the materials that best fit the look of your business. You can also choose your colors so you reinforce your branding.

 Using floor mats both inside your business and outside provides businesses so many benefits – and free, long-lasting advertising – so your return on investment is very high.

Give us a call to find out how to order your mat. We’ll walk you through the free design process. Ask us about our 100% guarantee with selected manufacturers!

*Statistics provided by Progressive Shopper, International Sanitary Supply Association, 3M, Louisiana Cooperative Extension Service, Georgia State University Test, Wausau Insurance Company, CDI Research