Noodling: Brainstorming Bright Ideas for Your Next Promotion

At Select Sales, our goal is to listen, collaborate and deliver what you need to increase sales. One of our methods for doing this is noodling, or brainstorming ideas. Noodling is our way of coming up with creative, successful promotions. In this blog post, we’ve got the ball rolling for you with a few bright ideas for your next promotion!

The Process

First, let's discuss how noodling fits into our process for creating excellent promotions. Our recipe for any successful promotion has 4 simple ingredients:

1.    Concept
2.    Design
3.    Product
4.    Success

We begin with a Concept, and this is where noodling comes in. As experts in promotion, Select Sales can help you generate unique, creative promotional ideas that will engage your audience and set your brand apart. Noodling is very important, because inspired ideas become promotional genius!

Next is Design. We’ll help you prepare your logo for printing, choose the best colors, and more to find an eye-catching look that fits your brand. Then you’ll choose the perfect Product for your needs. Whether it’s a direct mailer or any other type of promotional product, you have a wide variety to choose from at Select Sales. We’ll help you weigh your options for the best fit.

The final step is Success! Your direct mailers or other products are distributed to your target audience, making connections and driving sales. You'll connect with clients and set your brand apart. Select Sales is here to help with noodling ideas and brilliant solutions!

Noodling Idea: Microfiber Cloth Mailer

Try this bright idea for back to school! Choose a microfiber cleaning cloth – great for glasses, laptop and smartphone screens – and have it imprinted with a map of your campus to help students get around. Mailed along with a postcard, students will love this useful back-to-school surprise! 
With full color printing available on the microfiber cloth, you can make this idea work for many needs. Have it imprinted with your logo and a list of services, or with a list of tips to stay healthy and maintain wellness. We can “noodle” with you to help you create a microfiber cloth mailer that works for your brand!

Noodling Idea: Stone Coaster Client Gift

Another bright idea for you is to use these retail-quality stone coasters as a memorable client gift. These custom stone coasters make a sophisticated gift for finance clients or customers in many other markets as well. Your brand will be seen daily as the coasters provide usefulness and an upscale feel.

We can help you come up with your own custom design for the stone coasters to make an eye-catching promotion that recipients will really want to use in their home or office. We’re happy to discuss ideas with you for this and many more gift options!

Get Started

At Select Sales we’re here for you through all seasons of life. We’re happy to help you noodle ideas and plan your next successful promotion. Contact a member of our team at 610-974-8080 or visit our website at today!