Promotional Product Tariff Impacts and Solutions

  • Nov 1, 2023

Written By Joellen Reichenbach

I’m not an economic expert, but as a result of the the latest news here, here and here all of us Americans and American businesses are going to have our wallets impacted for the foreseeable future. Whether the products we buy are from Mexico, Europe or China, we are going to see changes in how much we’re paying.

No one is absolutely certain what the cost increases on these lengthy lists of the products will really look like, or when current inventories will run out and cost increases will go into effect. But we know that it will happen. And probably sooner than later.

We’re All in the Same Promo Products Boat

It doesn’t matter whether you chose to purchase your promotional products from Select Sales or another promotional products vendor. All promo product companies are in the same boat and will be forced by our manufacturers - and the tariffs - to raise prices on the affected products.

We are in uncertain times. And things will never be exactly the same when it comes to what future costs will be on hard goods.

Potential Solutions Are Available!

You should know that you will always have options. In some cases, we can shift our purchases from China-made products to U.S.A.-made products.

We’ll need to work together to determine what our budget is up front. Once we know what we have to work with and what your goals are for your branded marketing materials, we’ll have a far better idea of what we can do to create the most successful items.

The good news is that we do offer Made in the U.S.A. products. We work with many factories right here in the U.S. who manufacture promotional products. Historically, some U.S.-made goods may have been priced at a premium versus those sourced from China. But, in my opinion, as these tariffs go into effect it’s likely that pricing will level the playing field.

We can explore all of your options together. I always say, “We are only limited by our ability to imagine new ideas.”

We’ll Weather the Storm Together

What I do know is that when times are difficult, Americans tend to pull together and try to make the best of every situation. While I feel like the global snow globe is currently being shaken really hard and we’re not certain when the “tariff snow storm” will come to an end, we will weather this tariff storm together.

We are here to build your concepts, designs and products, so let’s continue to work together on creating success!

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