How to Use & Benefit from Company Stores

  • Jan 1, 2024

Check out this link to view a Company Store Website Sample! 
Company stores allow you to sell branded merchandise online in a snap. Select Sales makes it easy to set up your company store and start making sales. Learn why company stores are the perfect marketing solution for any brand, and how Select Sales is making them simpler than ever. 
What is a Company Store? 
Company stores are online ordering platforms for branded merchandise. They are vital in today’s competitive digital selling environment because they make it easy to spread your brand’s name and make sales right where customers are spending much of their time: online. Company stores are a simple way to get branded products directly to these customers – providing convenience for them and saving time for you. However, there are many types of company stores and ways they can be used creatively to connect with customers and your community. 
Uses for Your Company Store 
Company stores are more than just an online sales platform. There are a wide range of purposes that your company store, or stores, can serve. Plus, you can use them to sell one item at a time or buy in bulk; have a wide selection of products or just a few. 
Company stores can also be used for: 
Pop-up shops: Create a temporary store to support a virtual event or campaign – this adds a tangible component that many people have been missing. 
Fundraisers: Great for school districts and nonprofits that may have had to cancel traditional fundraising events, company stores make it easy to browse, purchase, and raise money. 
Onboarding: Use a company store as a place for new staff to order necessary uniforms, and even shop for branded swag to help them feel at home. 
Award programs: Recognize employee milestones or achievements with trendy items from your store. 
Marketing programs: Company stores can boost company pride, sales, and more – making them the perfect marketing tool. 
Benefits of Company Stores 
Company stores give your brand a competitive edge. They’re a simple solution for so many needs, and when you work with Select Sales, they’re fully managed for you so there’s no stress on your end. 
Here are some more benefits of a company store with Select Sales:
We manage everything for you with full order processing. Everything from orders to inventory to shipping logistics are taken care of! That includes ordering in bulk, sending to multiple addresses, and more.  
Customize your site to your needs. We take care of your site build with your input, and you can feature your logo, colors, products, web banners & more. We’ll help you make it yours! 
Customize your products instantly. All products and apparel will be displayed on your site with your logo and preferred colors. We provide all virtual samples. 
Accept all payments with ease. The simple online ordering process accepts credit card payments. 
Make your business available to clients 24/7. They can order products at their convenience. 
Your store is easy to promote. Simply share your store with your community via social media or email; soon you’ll be making sales and spreading your brand! 
Why Choose Select Sales for Your Company Store? 
Select Sales provides a turnkey company store solution that makes selling online simple and stress-free. We help you with every step of the process and provide great customer service along the way. We also take care of managing orders, inventory, and shipping. So, all you need to do is share your store link with your community so they can see and order your awesome swag. We make it that simple! 
Need assistance? We are here to help. To inquire about company stores or any other products and services found on our website, please contact us by phone at 610-974-8080 or e-mail at, and we'll gladly assist you. 

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