Sip, Sip, Hooray! Why Drinkware Is Your Ultimate Promo Tool

  • Jul 8, 2024

Staying hydrated has become more than just a health habit — it's front and center in the growing wellness and self-care movements. People of all ages carry their favorite drinkware everywhere they go, making it an essential part of their daily routines. The trend of retail brand name drinkware reflects this shift, as individuals seek both functionality and style in their hydration choices.

Choosing custom drinkware as a promotional item or gift not only demonstrates your brand's commitment to their well-being but also ensures your logo and message are visible around the clock, keeping your brand top of mind for the recipient and everyone they encounter. The stats back this up, with drinkware coming in at #2 (right after pens) on a ranked list of promo items that people want to receive from companies. In addition, every logoed tumbler or mug that you give out gets at least 1,400 pairs of eyes on your logo during its useful lifetime.

5 Ways to Use Drinkware in Your Marketing Efforts

Drinkware items such as mugs, tumblers, and water bottles are practical and useful, and they also serve as a constant reminder of your brand every time a recipient uses them, offering a versatile and effective way to enhance your brand presence and connect with your audience through personalization, incentives, engagement tactics, loyalty rewards, or event giveaways.

1. Customized Drinkware: Personalize your drinkware with your logo, message, or unique design. Whether through screen printing, engraving, or full-color printing, customized drinkware ensures your brand leaves a lasting impression. Every time customers use these items, they’ll be reminded of your brand’s identity and values.

2. Gift With Purchase: Incentivize purchases by offering drinkware as a complimentary gift. For example, a free tumbler with a specific product or a water bottle with a minimum purchase amount can motivate customers to buy more. This not only increases sales but also enhances customer satisfaction.

3. Contests and Giveaways: Create buzz and excitement around your brand with contests and giveaways. Encourage customers to enter by sharing your posts on social media or signing up for your newsletter for a chance to win customized drinkware. This strategy not only engages your audience but also expands your reach and visibility.

4. Loyalty Programs: Strengthen customer loyalty by integrating customized drinkware into your rewards program. Offer exclusive mugs or water bottles as rewards for reaching certain milestones or accumulating points. This not only incentivizes repeat purchases but also makes customers feel valued and appreciated

5.Trade Shows and Events: Maximize your impact at trade shows and events with branded drinkware giveaways. These items attract attendees to your booth, create memorable experiences, and keep your brand in front of potential clients long after the event has ended.

Drinkware for Every Location and Occasion

Check out the perfect logoed drinkware from Select Sales to elevate your brand presence in any setting. Whether you're outfitting a home office, enhancing a restaurant or bar, celebrating with beer and wine, or gearing up for sports and outdoor activities, our diverse selection of drinkware offers practical and stylish solutions. Explore our range of customizable options designed to keep your brand top of mind with every sip.


Travel Mugs: Keep beverages hot or cold on the go with branded travel mugs, ensuring your logo travels far and wide.

Tumblers: Versatile and spill-resistant, custom tumblers are perfect for commuters and travelers alike, providing constant brand visibility.

Thermoses: Maintain the perfect temperature for drinks during travels with logoed thermos items, ideal for outdoor adventures or daily commutes.

Beverage Insulators: Keep drinks at the right temperature with branded beverage insulators, essential for road trips and outdoor activities.

BPA Free Bottles: Promote health and sustainability with BPA-free bottles, offering a safe and eco-friendly hydration option.

Water Bottles: Essential for any travel kit, branded water bottles ensure hydration on the move while keeping your logo prominently displayed.


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Home & Office

Mugs: Perfect for coffee or tea, logoed mugs are a staple in both home and office settings, offering daily brand visibility.

Tumblers: These versatile drinkware items keep beverages at the right temperature and are ideal for showcasing your logo in a stylish and functional way.

Paper Cups: Ideal for meetings or events, branded paper cups provide a convenient and disposable option for spreading your message.

Plastic Cups: Durable and reusable, plastic cups with your logo are perfect for everyday use in the office or at home gatherings.

Thermos: Keep beverages hot or cold while prominently displaying your brand, making thermos items a practical gift for any recipient.

Tea Cups: Add a touch of elegance to tea time with logoed tea cups, perfect for office lounges or home kitchens.

Coasters: Protect surfaces while promoting your brand with custom coasters, a useful addition to any home or office setting.

Carafes: Serve beverages in style with branded carafes, ideal for office meetings or home dining.

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Beer & Wine

Wine Glasses: Elevate your brand with elegant wine glasses, perfect for events or as special gifts.

Beer Steins: Durable and eye-catching, branded beer steins make a statement at parties and gatherings.

Shot Glasses: Compact yet impactful, shot glasses with your logo are great for celebrations and promotional events.

Beverage Insulators: Keep drinks cold and hands warm with branded beverage insulators, a popular choice for outdoor events.

Openers: Essential for any bar setup, custom openers ensure your brand is always within reach when opening a bottle.


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Restaurants, Bars, and Hospitality Venues

Plastic Cups: Ideal for high-traffic areas, branded plastic cups are a durable and practical choice for any restaurant or bar.

Glasses: From soft drinks to cocktails, logoed glasses add a professional touch to any beverage service.

Wine Glasses: Enhance the dining experience with elegant, branded wine glasses, perfect for any restaurant setting.

Beer Steins: Make a bold statement with custom beer steins, a favorite for bars and pubs.

Shot Glasses: Perfect for serving spirits, branded shot glasses are a must-have for any bar.

Coasters: Protect bar surfaces while keeping your logo in front of customers with custom coasters.

Carafes: Serve drinks stylishly with branded carafes, ideal for both wine and water service.

Openers: Ensure every bottle is opened with ease using custom openers, a practical and branded tool for any bar.

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Sports & Outdoors

Plastic Cups: Durable and versatile, branded plastic cups are perfect for outdoor events and sports gatherings.

Styrofoam Cups: Lightweight and disposable, Styrofoam cups with your logo are convenient for large events and picnics.

Beverage Insulators: Keep drinks at the right temperature with branded beverage insulators, ideal for outdoor activities.

BPA Free Bottles: Promote health and wellness with BPA-free bottles, a safe and eco-friendly option for active lifestyles.

Thermoses: Maintain the perfect temperature for drinks on the go with branded thermos items, great for sports enthusiasts.

Tumblers: Versatile and portable, custom tumblers are perfect for staying hydrated during any outdoor activity.

Water Bottles: Essential for any sports event, branded water bottles provide constant brand exposure while keeping recipients hydrated.

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There are countless ways to incorporate drinkware into your marketing promotions to effectively promote your brand and products. Whether you choose to customize the drinkware, offer it as a gift with purchase, run contests and giveaways, implement loyalty programs, or use it at trade shows and events, drinkware can be a powerful marketing tool. At Select Sales, we go beyond just providing promotional products.

Our creative team collaborates with you to develop innovative ideas that transform your marketing materials into standout promotions. With our outside-the-box custom promotional solutions, we ensure your drinkware not only draws attention but also adds revenue to your bottom line. Quality is our top priority—we'll be upfront if your logo won’t transfer correctly onto your chosen item and offer the best alternatives to ensure your brand shines.

Our commitment doesn't end until you're not just satisfied, but delighted, overjoyed, and ecstatic with the results. Let us sniff out your perfect promotion. With Select Sales, you can trust that your drinkware will leave a lasting impression on customers and drive sales for your business.



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