Why You Should Choose Custom Made-in-the-USA Products

  • Jul 5, 2024

Choosing USA-made promo products is an excellent strategy to leave a lasting impact on your customers, while promoting your brand. That’s precisely why many organizations look for stateside suppliers. However, it's also crucial to select the “right” product, such as magnets, which are convenient to distribute and are likely to be used and seen repeatedly throughout the day. Discover the reasons why U.S.-made magnets are the ideal choice for your upcoming marketing campaign!

The Benefits of Buying USA-Made Products

About 70% of American consumers say they prefer USA-made products and recognize the advantages of supporting U.S. businesses vs. foreign competitors. If you invest in USA-made promo products, it’s a great idea to add “Made in the USA” information to your products or gift notes to highlight your commitment to supporting U.S. businesses and workers. Your recipients will appreciate your patriotism and investment in local communities!

Here are some benefits to buying U.S. products:

       Supporting the economy: Choosing USA-made supports domestic businesses, job growth and the overall economy.

       Complying with ethical business and eco standards: America has strict labor regulations in place, ensuring fair wages, safe working conditions and environmentally friendly manufacturing practices. U.S. manufacturers also need to follow strict regulations to protect the environment and reduce pollutants.

       Quality assurance: USA-made products are typically high quality, since they’re subject to stringent manufacturing standards. In fact, 72% of people say the quality of a promo product they receive reflects the quality of a brand, choosing a well-made product makes sense for your marketing campaigns.

       Faster turnaround times: Importing products from overseas can involve complex logistics and customs procedures, shopping delays and more. Choosing USA-made products ensures you can get your products faster, so all your campaigns stay on track. Buying American also reduces your carbon footprint, since you’re using less fuel to get your products from there to here.

       Safer products: With guidelines like Proposition 65 and compliance regulations like CPSIA, you can rest assured that you’re purchasing safe products for your patrons.

       Customized products: While you can procure custom products from overseas, you can get them faster from local manufacturers.



Why USA-Made Magnets Work Hard for Your Brand

Did you know that the average person visits their kitchen fridge 10 to 12 times a day? If your branded magnet is on the door, they’ll see your logo or message about 4,000 times a year! Since 57% of American consumers keep a souvenir product they like and use for more than five years and 40% keep it for a decade or more, a magnet is an obvious choice for thousands and thousands of impressions.

Magnets are small and easily portable, so you can give them out at events and people will take them home or to the office. Promotional recipients also say that they choose and keep items if they’re useful. Since magnets are both decorative and hold important documents on a fridge or other magnetic surface, these items are sure to be welcomed
and get a lasting place in the kitchen or at work.

Select Sales offers a wide range of magnets and customization options that make them an ideal choice for your marketing campaign.

1. Get magnets in custom shapes. It’s time to get creative when you promote your brand. We can create magnets in custom shapes like boats, cars, flowers, your logo or any other shape. You have the design freedom to choose a magnet that represents your brand and resonates with your target audience.

2. Choose different materials. Our magnets come in different materials, giving you the flexibility to choose the one that suits your campaign and budget. From sleek wood to acrylic, select a magnet that meets your brand aesthetic and sends the right message to your customers.

3. Get different backing options. You can opt for magnets with a full magnet back, for a strong grip on magnetic surfaces. Or, choose a lower-cost circle-back magnet, for a budget-friendly option while fully functional on a fridge or whiteboard. We supply magnets to meet your needs and price points!

4. Go beyond magnets for wider branding. One advantage of custom magnet shapes is that you can use them as more than magnets. You can use your custom-designed shape in other promo products, like ornaments, keychains, zipper pulls and more, for an eye-catching and cohesive branding experience across different types of promo merchandise.



Here’s How We Deliver Top-Quality Promo Magnets

Whether you want to promote your brand at trade shows, events or via direct mail campaigns, custom-shaped magnets are an effective marketing tool. Select Sales specializes in U.S.-made custom magnets, so we can offer you a comprehensive service that starts with understanding your unique requirements and vision. 

When you order your custom magnets from our team, you’ll enjoy:

       Design expertise: Our team can help you create impactful, visually appealing designs. We’ll work with your images, logos, branding elements and colors to create a design that aligns with your brand and marketing goals.

       Virtual proofs: We want you to see how your product will look before it’s produced. Our virtual proofs will allow you to review your magnet design and provide us with feedback, so we can make any adjustments before they’re made for you.

       Samples: Select Sales understands the importance of touching and using a product before you commit to a purchase. We’ll send you samples, so you can evaluate the magnet’s materials, decoration quality and overall durability, so you’re confident ordering from us.

       Customization: Getting a custom magnet to represent your brand or event is key, so we offer you lots of flexibility in magnets options, including different shapes, sizes, colors and finishes.

       Top-level customer support: We place a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction! You’ll receive personalized support throughout the magnet design and ordering process, so the final product exceeds your expectations.

Get Started Today! Select Sales provides USA-made custom magnets to many organizations for brand promotions. We offer design expertise, a commitment to quality and a customer-centric approach that makes us your reliable partner for businesses that want high-quality, durable promo items that will stick around for the long term.

Challenge us! We're on your team! If you’d like to use unique products to tell your brand’s story, call the Select Sales team at 610-974-8080 or visit www.SelectPromotionalProducts.com.


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