Non-profit organizations face special challenges with promotional campaigns. It can be challenging coming up with campaign ideas that would interest the public in supporting your organization. Selling candy doesn’t produce the results it used to and budget constraints can discourage staff from implementing other options.

Select Sales knows how important it is to capture a non-profit’s mission, raise awareness and achieve significant fundraising results. It is even more important to do all of that while adhering to strict budgets that maximize the organization’s ability to help the community.

We specialize in helping non-profits create unique promotional campaign ideas.

Select Sales has the expertise to help guide your non-profit organization in selecting appropriate promotional products for giveaways, raffles, personalized promotional grab bags and more. Our team is here to assist in executing your fundraising program and keep you within your budget. We think beyond just one event. We make sure that the promotional items you chose will work not only for your event, but also as ongoing tools you can use to promote your non-profit into the future.

When for-profit corporate brands support non-profits as sponsors, the entire community benefits. The Select Sales team ensures that your sponsors’ brands stand out and giving both of you maximum exposure on the promotional products you use.

promotional products

promotional products

promotional products

Partnership Programs

Doing good. Giving back. Paying it forward.

Select Sales is working to provide new funding sources to non-profit or membership organizations while at the same time giving businesses an innovative way to save money.

We are partnering with non-profit and member organizations to provide a dynamic new program. We designed the Partnership Program to give businesses, non-profits and member organizations new ways to raise visibility and reduce costs on marketing materials.

When your organization promotes the Partnership Program to your members, both you and your member businesses can save money on marketing materials. Your member business will receive a discounted rate on the promotional product. Your organization has a choice to order your own marketing materials at a further discounted rate or receive a 5% donation if you don’t purchase a product at the same time!

Contact Select Sales today to learn how your organization can benefit from our Partnership Program.


Select Sales is a DBE certified company.


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